Liberate Yourself!

'''Liberate Yourself!''' is an eBook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.

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Liberty In Mind and Body International (LIMB clinic|L.I.M.B.) is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to the care and welfare of augmented people around the world.

We are the leading advocate and healt-care provider for human enhancement technology, with nearly two thousand LIMB clinic|clinics serving the needs of over eight million people every year.

Founded in 2011 by Doctor Haydon Suyong, formerly of Darrow Industries, our credo is ‘Augmentation For All’.

100% independent of corporate and national control, L.I.M.B.’s mission statement is no less than to offer full and equal access to human enhancement products and technologies across every global border and class in society.

Our international network of low-cost medical-mechanical clinics cater exclusively to augmented people, and they can be found in every major city, offering everything form routine cybernetics maintenance, check-ups and consultancy, through to operating theaters with complete augmentation implantation facilities.
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