Lee Hong

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|name = Lee Hong
||national = Chinese
|gender = Male
|hair = Dark brown
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution
|friends = Evelyn Carmichael||voice = Zen Shane Lim}}

'''Lee Hong''' is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution|''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. He belongs to an influential Chinese family and is the former boyfriend of the deceased Evelyn Carmichael.

According to Faridah Malik, Hong is not the brightest person and often acts without thinking of the consequences, relying on the influence of his parents to keep him out of trouble. Recently, he was criticized by his father for his lifestyle and for the choice of his then girlfriend, that Hong Sr. considered inadequate for the family. When Evelyn later revealed that she was pregnant, Lee became annoyed when she wouldn't stop talking about their future and, in an attempt to shut her up, he beat her to death with a clock. To make her death seem like an accident, he threw her body down the stairs. Due to his father's investments in Belltower Associates and in LIMB clinic|LIMB, who conducted the autopsy, no proper investigation was done by the police.

If the player accepts the Shanghai Justice side quest by Faridah Malik, he meets Lee Hong at the Hive nightclub after following several clues pointing to Hong being responsible for Carmichael's death. By pretending to blackmail him, you can make Lee confess his crimes, and before alerting the police, Malik exposes him by displaying a wanted poster of him on the front of the nightclub and playing a recording of him confessing to the crime.
If the correct choices are made through the conversation with Lee the player will be awarded the Super Sleuth achievement.

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