Lab Notes, Dr. Moreau

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a :Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers|book appearing in ''Deus Ex''. It is notebook of Doctor Moreau of MJ12.


'''Lab Notes, Dr. Moreau'''
Week of 4/12 to 4/18
Sunday, 4/12: LabNet accounts are disabled. Rumor is possible infiltration attempt by Silhouette required redistribution of secure network resources. Will transcribe lab notes by hand until IS has restored access. Monday, 4/13: Greasels displaying an increasing level of antipathy towards lab personnel. Noted to Dr. Verne who increased dosage of succinylcholine from 15 cc to 32 cc. Wednesday, 4/15: IS promises that LabNet accounts will be restored by Friday; new login is "dmoreau" with password "raptor". Thursday, 4/16: Dr. Cairns typically absent minded; forgot his protective gear when handling greasel and received a dose of venomous spit in the face. Fortuitous opportunity to study effects on human nervous system which included impaired coordination and vision. Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers