LIMB International

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|Box title = LIMB International
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|Row 1 title = Founder
|Row 1 info = Haydon Suyong
|Row 2 title = Leader
|Row 2 info = Haydon Suyong
|Row 3 title = Type
|Row 3 info = Healthcare clinics for mechanical augmentation|mechanically augmented individuals
|Row 4 title = Headquarters
|Row 4 info = Unknown
|Row 5 title = Locations
|Row 5 info = Detroit

New Delhi
Worldwide |Row 6 title = Notable members |Row 6 info = Vera Marcovic, Detroit branch
Andrea Mantegna, Detroit branch
Huang Ling, Hengsha branch
Anonymous X, Hengsha branch
Wing, Hengsha branch
Gerta Mueller, Panchaea branch
|Row 7 title = Website |Row 7 info = (no longer available) |Row 8 title = Related |Row 8 info = Mechanical augmentation}} '''LIMB International''' ('''Liberty In Mind and Body International''') is a multinational company founded in 2011 by Haydon Suyong and called LIMB International in 2013. LIMB International is the creator of LIMB clinics, a network of augmentation clinics around the world for mechanically augmented individuals between 2011 and 2050s. ==Background== In 2011, mechanical augmentation becomes increasingly commonplace, entrepreneur Haydon Suyong envisions the creation of healthcare clinics that cater exclusively to the specific needs of augmented patients. After borrowing 50 million Euros from Hugh Darrow, the dream becomes reality and the first clinic for mechanically augmented individuals opens. In 2013, the 50th healthcare clinic for augmented patients opens in New Delhi, with nearly 50,000 patients visiting the facility within its first week of operation. At the opening ceremony, Haydon Suyong calls his network of clinics "LIMB International" for the first time. In 2022, the first in Brazil and the 359th in the world, LIMB clinic opens its doors to thousands of mechanically augmented patients. Even amidst a gathering of Humanity Front protesters, the LIMB clinic proves to be a highly welcomed establishment for the South American country. ==Known products== *LIMB clinic ==Gallery== Limb clinic.jpg|Adam Jensen upgraded in the Hengsha clinic DX3 Limb Clinic concept art.jpg|LIMB clinic concept art Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution organisations Category:Companies