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}}{{Quote|The LAW provides cheap, dependable anti-armor capability in the form of an integrated one-shot rocket and delivery system, though at the expense of any laser guidance. Like other heavy weapons, the LAW can slow agents who have not trained with it extensively.|description of Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW)|Deus Ex}}
The '''Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW)''' is a single shot anti-armor rocket launcher, a heavy skill weapon, in ''Deus Ex''.

This LAW is most likely the same AT4 used near the beginning of the 21st century.
In addition to being a tank-buster, it can also destroy large robots with ease. It fires an unguided, non-tracking rocket and is disposed of after use. Its mixture of cheapness and effectiveness has made it a popular anti-tank weapon throughout the world, although by 2052 the newer GEP gun was probably replacing the cheaper LAW in better-funded organizations.

Sometime by 2072, the LAW has already been rendered obsolete, the anti-tank weapon role taken by another non-disposable Rocket_launcher_(DX2)|rocket launcher.

==Game unit==
The first area the LAW is found is in the Hell's Kitchen's sewers.

The LAW takes up four horizontal slots in the inventory screen, like the Sniper rifle (DX)|sniper rifle, but as it is a single shot weapon, it may not be in a player's interest to pick it up. A player already carrying a GEP gun, LAMs, or Ammunition HE ammo will find little use for a LAW, but a player without explosives in a tight situation may decide it is worth carrying.

The LAW can be shot without restriction at any target, but like the GEP gun, if shot at organics they will explode leaving no pickups. The best targets for LAWs are mechanical targets such as bots, turrets, and cameras or doors and other obstructions. The LAW has no targeting capabilities as the GEP gun does, but its damage and blast radius make up for this shortcoming. It is best shot from a distance with plenty of cover to give a player time to properly target.

The LAW icon includes a scope, but the weapon possesses no zooming capabilities.

The LAW rocket appears a few feet infront of the player, thus it can be used to shoot through glass if you are standing infront of it, This can also be used to kill Howard Strong in the Missile Silo level, Shoot the LAW at the gate next to the platform, If you're lucky it hits Strong and then Page will mock you over the Infolink.

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