{{Quote|Dozens in rural California have reported catching glimpses of a mysterious “dinosaur” or “bear-lizard” creature. Sightings range from Big Sur to Mt. Shasta. The Midnight_Sun above—snapped by 15-year-old hiker Lacey Gonzales in a park just outside of Carmel—is the only known photographic image of the shy creature.|Midnight Sun|''Deus Ex''}}

The '''karkian''' is a creature in ''Deus Ex'' and ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''. 

Being part of VersaLife's "Genetically Modified Organism Project", it is difficult to understand which wikipedia:DNA|DNA elements were part of the creature's makeup. The head, resembling a wikipedia:Crocodile|crocodile's, takes a large aspect of the body. Its small, black eyes are positioned in the front of the head, and are easily mistaken for nostrils. A karkian's entire body is covered in large, thick spines, and its skin is almost impenetrable. The larger females of the species ferociously guard their young, and attack any whom they see as a threat. Karkian young are smaller versions of the adult species, but are completely dependant on their mothers to bring them food. If they are not fed, they will turn upon their brothers and sisters.

Possibly due to their origins, karkians work well with another species of creature, the greasel. Greasels will yell to any nearby karkians when food is spotted. Interestingly, greasels will feast on karkian young if left to their own devices. While appearing slow and ponderous, an enraged karkian can run extremely quickly. When attacking humans, a karkian will typically attempt to incapacitate the legs, and then finish with a series of deep bites to the neck.

The karkian can be described as a large brown reptilian creature, approximately six feet long and two feet wide (fully grown).

Karkian attacks include biting, bumping, and charging.


DXKarkianConceptArt.png|Karkian concept art of ''Deus Ex''
karkianIW.jpg|Karkian in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''
Dx2 concept 6.jpg|Karkian concept art of ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''

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