Juan Lebedev

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|name=Juan Ivanovich Lebedev
|birth=Sometime in the 1990's
|appear=*''Deus Ex''
*Deus Ex: Icarus Effect
|notable= Mastermind behind the operation of capturing the Ambrosia shipment
*Juggernaut Collective
*Lebedev Global
|friends=Paul Denton

'''Juan Ivanovich Lebedev '''(Russian: '''Хуан Иванович Лебедев''') is a major NSF supporter, financial backer, and the mastermind behind the operation of capturing the Ambrosia vaccine.

In Deus Ex: Icarus Effect|2027 he was a part of Juggernaut Collective, a cyberterrorism cell, and a major investor in the New Sons of Freedom, itself a group of freedom fighters predecessor of the National Secessionist Forces 25 years later; with the assistance of Powell, leader of a small NSF platoon, and D-Bar, Juggernaut hacker, he rebelled against the Illuminati "Icarus Effect" plan.

Using a front company, Lebedev Global, he purchased a terminal at LaGuardia Airport, from cash strapped New York City. UNATCO considers him a very dangerous man and instructed its agents to kill him.

{{Quote|One of the highest of the high in the NSF organization, Lebedev is the moneybags behind the whole operation. You've got to hand it to the guy: in a world that's going down the toilet, he's doing okay. He's got his own multi-level jet, his own hangar at the airport, loyal troops and enough Credit|cash to go anywhere he wants. A man like that would have a much longer, happier life expectancy if he's just fly off to a tropical island somewhere and not get involved in politics and terrorism.Lebedev has two primary talents. He's a researcher and a talker. You can learn an awful lot from a guy like this, but keep in mind that he's not going to tell you what he doesn't want you to hear. Of course, that goes double for everyone else you know. It's a tough world for an enthusiastic young agent like JC Denton|yourself, and Lebedev can make it tougher.|description of Juan Lebedev to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}When Paul Denton was ordered by UNATCO to kill Tracer Tong, Lebedev managed to prove to Paul that UNATCO was really a corrupt arm of the conspiracy group Majestic-12. Also, evidenced by the datacubes found in NSF strongholds, he was responsible for the operation to distribute Ambrosia to the masses, as well as the NSF resistance in Hell's Kitchen.

When JC Denton|JC arrives at his Boeing-747|747 in LaGuardia Airport|La Guardia, Lebedev tells JC about UNATCO's corruption, JC and Paul being AJ09-0921 Patient X|products of Adam Jensen|genetic The D Project|engineering , not natural birth, and the name of the conspiracy group controlling UNATCO (Majestic-12). During this interrogation, Anna Navarre arrives and orders JC to kill Lebedev or let her do the job. Here, the player can choose to kill either Lebedev or Anna. It is possible to leave them both alive, but this takes some amount of skill (Anna kill Lebedev if the player walks away). If the player refuses to kill Lebedev, Manderley scolds JC for his insubordination. Sparing Lebedev's life does not save him, however, as he is ultimately captured by Majestic-12 and executed. His murder is blamed on JC Denton, as later discovered through media sources.

==Behind the scenes==
* Juan is not a conventional Russian name, although it is not completely impossible for Russian man to have it, for example being named after a famous foreigner. Russian equivalent for this name would be Ivan. ''The Icarus Effect'' states that he also has a minor Chicano inflection in his accent, and together with his first name it concludes that he is also of Latin American heritiage.


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