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{{Character Infobox
|name=Joseph Manderley
|national=US American
|weapons=Pistol (DX)|Pistol
Combat knife |hair=White |eyes= |augment=None |rank=*Advisor to the Deputy Administrator in FEMA (2027) *Director of UNATCO (2052) |appear=*Deus Ex *Deus Ex: Human Revolution (mentioned only) |notable= |affiliation=*FEMA (formerly) *UNATCO *Majestic-12 |friends=*Walton Simons *Anna Navarre *Gunther Hermann *Jordan Shea |voice=John Gault}} '''Joseph Manderley''' is the director of UNATCO during 2052. He is a major character in ''Deus Ex'' and is mentioned in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. ==Background== ===2027=== Joseph Manderley is Advisor to the Deputy Administrator, National Preparedness of FEMA. This unwieldy title disguises his true role as an executive officer for the black operations undertaken by the government of the United States; including administrating clandestine internment camps for American dissidents. Joseph Manderley plays an important role as the enforcer of the provisions of the Revised Homeland Security Act of 2012. ===2052=== {{Quote|Manderley is one of the few agents who actually survived to retire from field duty. As luck would have it, concurrent with his being assigned desk duty, the agency began to toy with the concept of Mechanical Augmentation|mechanical augmentation. In those early, fierce debates, Manderley earned a reputation for fast thinking, sharp negotiating and accurately predicting that pitfalls lay ahead. His ability to manipulate events from behind the scenes was less remarked upon, but similarly impressive. He eventually came to oversee the entire department of augmentation, from chosing likely candidates to handing out assignments. Anyway, that's what it says on his government bio, and who are we to argue? There was one thing that Manderley didn't foresee, however. As technology evolved and the "older model" augs became out of date, the previous generation of enhanced agents became demoralized and dissatisfied. Instead of building up an army of augmented agents — each new rank adding new talents and abilities — the United_Nations_Anti-Terrorist_Coalition|older agents preferred to retire than than be demoted to shock-troops for the United_Nations_Anti-Terrorist_Coalition|new "hotshot" agents. |description of Joseph Manderley to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex|Deus Ex}}By 2052, he is the Chief Administrator of UNATCO, assigned that position by Majestic-12 after assisting the Interpol in shutting down the Knights Templar and securing the conspirators' hold on Europe. Despite the recognition afforded to him by this accomplishment, Manderley is a minor bureaucrat totally in Walton Simons' pocket, a mere proxy installed by Majestic-12 to help place an urbane face on UNATCO's public relations and media management. When JC Denton initially arrives at UNATCO HQ|UNATCO Headquarters on Liberty Island, Manderley is already under considerable pressure, primarily from Simons, due to the disappointing performance of JC's brother, Paul Denton, as a UNATCO operative. As Paul's Commanding Officer, Manderley had been charged with the task of assuring the success of the "''Primary Unit''" as the unwitting tool of Bob Page and Majestic-12 by having him assist their efforts through the facade of completing UNATCO anti-terrorism operations. As Paul Denton had become aware of this fact through those he had been sent to eliminate, he continually returned from the majority of his campaigns having "failed" to complete his assigned task. Given one final opportunity to prove his worth by the increasingly agitated Page, Manderley naturally spent most his time with JC reminding him to always follow procedure, never question standing orders, and to obey the commands of superior officers. Manderley also placed JC under the command of a trusted operative, agent Anna Navarre. File:Manderley.jpg|thumb|right|Manderley in his office. When JC, following the advice of his brother, defected to the NSF, Manderley was held solely responsible for the loss of both units. After Manderly's failure, Page and Simons pretend to consider posting him to the Library of Congress, and he tries to object saying that he "can't control a man's mind." As JC attempts to escape UNATCO headquarters, he confronts Manderley and Simons having a demotion-conference over holocom. Manderley wil appear friendly, but attack as soon as JC is about to leave the office. He can either be executed beforehand, killed in the firefight or the player can escape and let him live, Manderley will then be executed by Majestic-12 to frame JC for his murder. ==Notes== *Manderley's login is "jmanderley" and his password is "knight_killer." *Soldiers in Brooklyn mention him even though he's already dead by that time. ==Quotes== * ''"Don't despise training, my boy. Even you would be worthless without the shaping touch of drills and studies."'' * ''"You Dentons sure hung us out to dry."'' == Gallery== 4359b2154f54033776b7e91477429fa7.jpg|Joseph Manderley concept {{DE1Char}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Manderley, Joseph}} pl:Joseph Manderley Category:UNATCO characters Category:Deus Ex characters Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution characters Category:MJ-12 characters Category:FEMA characters
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