Joseph Manderley's computer

'''Joseph Manderley& computer''' is a :Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals|computer appearing in ''Deus Ex''. It is located on the desk in his office. It's password is ''knight_killer''.

The first two e-mails are available during the player's first visit in the HQ. The next two are available during the second visit. The last two are available during the player's third visit.

'''From:''' GHermann//UNATCO.15431.76513

'''To:''' Joseph Manderley|JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Cc:''' Anna Navarre|ANavarre//UNATCO.9954.1131
'''Subject:''' Skul-gun Might I suggest agin, a skul-gun for my head. Yesterday in Batery Park, some scum we all know pushes smack for NSF gets jumpy and draws. I take 2 .22's, 1 in flesh, 1 in augs, befor I can get out that dam asalt gun. If I could kil just by thought, it would be beter. Is it my job to be a human target-practis backstop? Gunther Hermann ===Our Little Experiment=== '''From:''' Walton Simons|WS//UpNet.78543.98231
'''To:''' JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Subject:''' Our Little Experiment Should be arriving soon. Clear it for Domination/5F ops as soon as possible, but proceed with caution. We have serious concerns about the Paul Denton|primary unit and would like to avoid any potential contamination. ===Report=== '''From:''' ANavarre//UNATCO.9954.1131
'''To:''' JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Subject:''' Report As ordered, I have maintained a close watch of Agent Denton during our operation in New York. I have found his performance to be adequate to the task, if not without certain occasional reluctance. But it is my opinion that nano-augmentations in no way compensate for experience, and Agent Denton quite obviously has a considerable amount of learning to do before he can be considered a fully qualified agent. Agent Hermann concurs with this evaluation. I will file a more detailed report when time allows. ===Arrival=== '''From:''' WS//UpNet.78543.98231
'''To:''' JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Subject:''' Arrival I will be arriving at Liberty later today to survey the situation and assess the viability of the primary subject. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that you've so far failed to present to us, it is our belief that the primary may need to be terminated in favor of the secondary. Continue to profile the secondary's response to authority and mission objectives—if there is any deviation, isolate the subject for debriefing upon my arrival. ===Excessive force=== '''From:''' JReyes//UNATCO.00973.20892
'''To:''' JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Subject:''' Excessive Force I understand that what we're doing here isn't kid's stuff, but I had an NSF trooper brought in to be treated prior to interrogation suffering from multiple second-degree burns consistent with repeated application of a riot prod at close range. One or two shocks at most should have been enough to incapacitate almost any individual; this man had at least seven distinct burn wounds. This is simply unacceptable, and violates not only the commonly practiced rules of engagement but my own medical ethics. I understand that this is _not_ indicitive of overall UNATCO policy, and would request that the incident be strenuously investigated and those responsible placed on suspension pending further investigation. Dr. Jaime Reyes ===Agent Sherman=== '''From:''' WS//UpNet.78543.98231
'''To:''' JManderley//UNATCO.00013.76490
'''Subject:''' Agent Sherman I've dispatched Agent Sherman to assist you in resolving your current problems and to insure that MJ12 operations are not adversely affected. I trust you'll extend him your complete cooperation. Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals