Jiu Schichang District

 Jiu Schichang district
Hi there, guess you are the newest big dog around here. I came here a while ago to help out a good friend of mine Itachou, and did a lotta work on templates and the like, but when Itachou left the place kinda died and I didn't feel like editing anymore. I started playing Deus Ex again though, so I've come back. Hopefully, we can get a lot done. I intend to start adding red links tomorrow. 

I've been doing wikis for over a year now, so I'm pretty good (not trying to be a dick, it's just experience) and so you can trust me to get on with things without any trouble. As you're the new BC, I thought I best introduce myself :).

Hope to see you around! 
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Is this really in game? I'm not sure by the way it's just been dumped on the page with no coding... '''''User:General Carter|General''' '''User talk:General Carter|Carter''''' 22:28, August 26, 2012 (UTC)
lol, how come i got the message for this 17 days late? and no, i'm actually not going to be on this wiki much, if at all, i have my hands full. but thanks for saying hi!
Welcome back. I do remember you, and it's good to have other staff members back. Place was kinda dead-ish.
Well, we can always disable it.
I noticed, that's why I hadn't come back until now! XD Why do we keep calling ourselves staff now, isn't it a tad too formal? Might create 'them and us' syndrome... ;)
Up to you, you're the boss now. I think we should, or alternatively change the policy, but I think it's easier to embed videos to be honest :)
Nah, the "them" don't notice you =)
Not only is there that already stated bug of enemies showing up even behind obstacles, upgrading to increase the range can actually be detrimental in the sense that the radar displays more information in the same HUD viewport. This means enemies close to you have their icons displayed even closer to yours, which actually makes the radar '''less''' useful especially in crowded conditions with target icons clustered near each other.

It would've been better had the upgrade allowed you to dynamically zoom the radar, even if it were merely a simple "zoom in / zoom out" toggle. - Special:Contributions/| 15:33, August 27, 2012 (UTC)
Hello! Your timing is quite impeccable! I just got myself a fulltime job so I don't have much free time anymore. It's good to know the wiki is in good hands. :)
Hello. What do you mean, "walk you through the more important pages"? The game is basically a linear-ish FPS/stealth hybrid; the first "level" has several areas where help triggers appear on-screen and activating them plays the related tutorial. After that it's pretty much common sense as you go along, like don't leave bodies out in the open where other people can see them if you don't want the area alarms to go off, etc.

I dislike shooters (mostly because of the crap SP and over-focus on MP) and have pretty much avoided them over the years but even I found getting into the game pretty easy. Anything else and you'll pretty much run into story spoilers. Finished it btw, I'd say it's an easy 7/10 at the very least, but what do I know, I don't spend hundreds of hours in games like Call of Duty screaming racial slurs at kids all day.

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Hi, welcome to Deus Ex Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the :User:Spinfx page.

Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! 
Having played the Deus Ex-HR twice now, I started reading up on the things I may have missed. In doing so "fixing" things if need be. This Wiki is really a wonderfully detailed information resource... great work! 
That's a shame, I was looking forward to getting to know the new faces here. I see you've done a lot of good, so I hope you don't disappear! :D