JC Denton's Sanctuary


'''JC Denton's Sanctuary''' is a location in Antarctica In ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

After JC Denton merges with Helios in 2052, defects in JC's nanite architecture result in an imperfect merge, unable to control the power of Helios and leading to turmoil between JC mind and Helios, one cannot complete with the other. After he reveals his ideology of equality for all to his brother Paul Denton|Paul and Tracer Tong and before he can no longer maintain control, his allies transport him to Antarctica where he can seek peace and hide himself while waiting to find a solution, where Helios with JC's nanites erected a sanctuary around a VersaLife base for himself, a living technological building, infused with his psyche and only those with the same DNA of JC can access.

Afterwards, JC fell into a prolonged partial coma, leading to a struggle with Helios and dividing its power in five part called Helios processing module, four describing an echo of an important event of JC memories and three protected by grays. In 2072, Alex Denton comes in the JC Denton's Sanctuary with the perfect nanite architecture in order to wake up JC and allowing his merged with Helios. Eventually, the JC Denton's Sanctuary was probably abandoned after JC Denton and Helios were one.


JCDentonSanctuary2.png|JC Denton's Sanctuary entrance
JCDentonSanctuaryEcho.png|1st Helios processing module - echo of Maggie Chow's apartment in Tonnochi Road in Hong Kong
JCDentonSanctuaryEcho2.png|2nd Helios processing module - echo of Joseph Manderley's office in UNATCO HQ in New York City
JCDentonSanctuaryEcho3.png|3th Helios processing module - echo of Lebedev's personal 747 of LaGuardia Airport in New York City
JCDentonSanctuaryEcho4.png|4th Helios processing module - echo of the Cloning Facility when JC Denton is born in Area 51
JCDentonDXIW4.png|JC Denton in his protective zone

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does anyone know who "Smith" is? The british guy mention him but i can't see m to find any "Smith" character through out the game.
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