'''File:Isaac.jpg|thumb|166pxIsaac''' is an Australian bartender at the "Lucky Money" in Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China|China.
==Interactions with the player character==

When the player first talks to Isaac, he can ask to see Max Chen. The player can either tell Isaac that he was sent by Maggie Chow, in which case he'll allow the player to go in the backroom to see Chen, or the player can ask him about Tracer Tong, in which case he'll get upset. The player can also have a conversation with Isaac about the Chinese government and the Triads.

He will sell the player beer for 15 credits and wine for 120 credits.

*''"The West, so afraid of strong government, now has no government. Only financial power."''
*''"A system organized around the weakest qualities of individuals will produce these same qualities in its leaders."''
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