File:Inclinator.jpg|thumb|328px|The underside of the Inclinator's elevator. Note the cloud of Biotoxic Gas through glass panels in the floor.
{{Quote|There are those that revere the Inclinator as a symbol of connectedness between Upper and Lower Seattle, but those living in the shadow of the platformed city know it is a myth. The Inclinator divides more than it connects. It ensures that only a select few can pass over the gap between the haves and have-nots. It guards against the 'wrong kind' of person travelling into the bright, clean streets of Upper Seattle.|Inclinator as Gatekeeper|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''Inclinator''' is one of many giant elevators used to transport both people and objects between Upper Seattle and Lower Seattle. With the exception of air travel, the Inclinator is the only known way to get between both cities. Its only usable Enclave entrance is a door labeled "Maintenance" that can be found around a corner from the Seattle Tarsus facility. In lower Seattle it can be found in front of the Greasel Pit Bar. By the time Alex Denton|Alex D comes here, the Inclinator has been shut down for a chemical spill made by Order Seekers attempting to smuggle chemical weapons into the enclave. Rogue CC-75 Security bot|CC-75s and Light spider bot|Spider bots also patrol the building. After visiting the Seattle branch of the Order Church, a group of Knights Templar recruits will inhabit the Inclinator.
Specifically, this Inclinator is numbered "Inclinator 05".
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