Hong Kong VersaLife facility

The '''Hong Kong VersaLife facility''' is the headquarters of VersaLife located in Hong Kong in 2052. It is a location visited in Deus Ex.

===Data Entry Facility===
File:VersaLife data entry.jpg|thumb|right|One of three similar rooms in the data entry facility
The Hong Kong VersaLife complex has many levels. On entering the complex from the ground level (an elevator just above the Lucky Money|Underground Mall), the player encounters the Data Entry Facility, with the reception area, and several offices with data entry workers. These workers are forced to falsify the records they enter to conceal VersaLife's secret activities. There are no MJ12 Trooper|MJ12 soldiers on this level, but several security guards with Pistol (DX)|Pistols will emerge from behind a one-way window if the player causes trouble. Mr. Hundley and John Smith are the only notable characters here. If the player returns here on the second visit, there will be a Chiang Arcbot M5.

===Pacific Rim Research Facility===
File:VersaLife research facility.jpg|thumb|right|The labs of the research facility
The level below that is Majestic-12|Majestic-12's Pacific Rim Research Facility, which the player can only access with the code to a single elevator in the Data Entry Facility. This code can be obtained by creating or obtaining a security pass. This level begins with a large hallway of arches, followed by several conference rooms, break-rooms (for both scientists and security) and laboratories. In some laboratories corpses of karkians and Grays (which are revealed to be VersaLife creations) can be found, as well as the corpses of homeless people (indicating a high degree of experimentation on humans). A living Greasel and homeless bum are found in separate cages not very far from the corpses. There is also a magnetic augmentation chamber, where augmentation supplies, including two canisters, are stored. A passageway leads to a radioactive area with grays. The ROM encoding for the Dragon's Tooth Sword, another VersaLife creation, is also found on this level. This level crawls with MJ12 troops, Commandos and special agents, indicating the emphasis placed on keeping the activities there secret.

===Nanotechnology Containment Facility===
The level below that, deep underground, is Majestic-12's secret Nanotechnology Containment Facility, which houses the Universal Constructor responsible for the creation of the Gray Death virus, as well as its vaccine, Ambrosia. This level can be accessed either through the Pacific Rim Research facility or through water pipes and tunnels stretching from the Hong Kong Canal Road tunnels. This level has four sub-levels: the highest has several rooms and passageways with a computer that houses the schematics for the UC. The second sub-level is the interior of the UC itself, where the player can find two more augmentation canisters. The third is a medical facility with a single medbot. The fourth is a circular walkway around the UC, with a keypad that shuts down the UC automatically when the right code is entered. The security for this level consists mainly of Commandos, indicating the immense importance of the facility to MJ12. Maggie Chow will be fought here on the second visit.
*The huge arching hallway at the beginning of the level was where the intro to the game (A conversation between Walton Simons and Bob Page) occurred.
*Interestingly, thanks to the security team's logs, the player learns that JC first enters the building at 21:13, one of the few points in the game where time is put into perspective.
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