Hi-NRG2 Plasma Lance

|name=Hi-NRG2 Plasma Lance
|image=PlasmaRifle Belltower.png
|manufacturer=Connaught Technologies
|ammo=Ammunition_(DX3) capsules
1x P.O.W.A|Charge Shot
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Output
1x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Speed Upgrade|Reload Speed
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Capacity Upgrade|Ammo Capacity }} The '''Hi-NRG2 Plasma Lance''' is a Deus Ex: The Fall weapons|weapon in ''Deus Ex: The Fall''. ==Background== Continuing to push boundaries of combat technology, the NGR2 has seen some improvements over its predecessor, namely in higher rate of fire, reload speed and ammo capacity, at a cost of slightly decreased damage. Fortunately for some users, this last modification has reduced projectile's splash radius, leading to a safer close and medium-range operation. ==Characteristics== ==Gallery== {{DXTF weapons}} Category:Weapons Category:Weapons in Deus Ex: The Fall