Hellfire Boltcaster

File:Boltcaster IW.jpg|thumb|Hellfire Boltcaster{{Quote|A Black Market accelerator that launches an incendiary bolt.|inventory description|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''Hellfire Boltcaster''' is a modified boltcaster whose bolts inject an incendiary liquid into whatever they hit. It is located in a hard-to-reach room high in the Nassif Greenhouse. In order to reach it, the player must travel to the balcony overlooking the entrance courtyard, carefully leap over the railing onto a series of beams jutting out from the balcony, make another careful jump onto a ledge on the wall to the right, and then make his way along the ledge and then climb up the wall by using an outcropping window as a foothold. The Hellfire Boltcaster is located in the corner of a room at the end of a nearby vent.

Because it causes targets to burst into flames instead of tranquilizing them, the Hellfire Boltcaster is not well-suited for quietly neutralizing enemies. It is very useful, however, in creating distractions and sowing panic in crowds.

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