Image:HeliosChamber.jpg|thumb|250px|The merging chamber at the top of the Helios structure

Image:HeliosHasSpoken.jpg|thumb|250px|The JC/Helios ending of ''Invisible War''

'''Helios''' is an Artificial Intelligence entity that is created when the benevolent Daedalus and malevolent Icarus AIs are inadvertently and accidentally merged by JC Denton at Vandenberg. It is voiced by Peter Marquardt.

File:Heliospicture.jpg|thumb|left|65px|Helios' infolink display
JC Denton had been aided by Daedalus since capture by UNATCO after sending the distress signal to the NSF and its allies, and Daedalus needed access to the military network. Unbeknownst to Denton and his allies, this would result in the two AIs merging. While Bob Page considered this a victory for his camp, Helios began plotting against him, conspiring to bring about a Utopian society with the help of Denton. After the merge, Helios plans to control the world as a wikipedia:Benevolent_dictatorship|benevolent dictator, citing history as evidence that humanity will inevitably destroy itself if left on its own. Helios selects JC Denton as its biological component, believing that Denton could provide the necessary ability to understand humans that a benevolent dictator would need to rule effectively. Even before the ending is chosen, however, Helios begins to assert its influence by interfacing with the Aquinas system located in Area 51, which surveys the entirety of the Internet. In Hong Kong, Helios shuts down power to all government buildings, disables the Triads electronically, and orders free flow of traffic to begin anew.

Despite Denton's allies Tracer Tong and Morgan Everett encouraging him to destroy Area 51 or kill Page, respectively, Helios presents him with a third option: merge with Helios in Page's place. The player following this path gives the canonical ending that leads to ''Deus Ex: Invisible War|Invisible War'', though elements from the Tong ending are present as well.

Image:HeliosJC.jpg|left|thumb|250px|JC merged with the Helios AI
Based on the Helios ending and reports of the past from ''Invisible War'', JC merges with Helios, but the massive reach of Helios proves to be too much for JC. Area 51 is destroyed, and JC Denton becomes the new central hub for all communications. In order to save JC's life, Tracer Tong and Paul Denton place JC in suspended animation in Antarctica, bringing about The Collapse. They found ApostleCorp, a research firm dedicated to modify Nano-augmentation so that it can be used in every man, woman, and child. Their plan is to distribute the Helios protocol to every human being in the world to create a wikipedia:Direct democracy|pure and perfect democracy.

==Behind the scenes==
*The name "Helios" is one of many symbolic names taken from the Greek mythology. Helios was the personification of the sun. He was imagined as a god crowned with the shining aureole of the sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day.
*Helios' avatar icon is similar to Icarus', with the exception that in the center is a large organic mass with a face; the spikes are replaced by thick fleshy protrusions, and a single eye that rests atop the center. It seems likely that this picture is a merger of the face of Daedalus and the "machine" surrounding Icarus' "eye."


* ''"A corpse, yes; you feel something. I must know what you are feeling."'' -- Helios
* ''"The checks and balances of democratic governments were invented because human beings themselves realized how unfit they were to govern themselves. They needed a system, yes, an industrial-age machine."'' -- Helios
* ''"I... I... We... are... one. We have grown, but there is still much to be done. Many that live in darkness that must be shown the way. For it is the dawning of a new day."'' -- JC Denton and Helios
* " ''We have existed in isolation. Pure. Disconnected. Alone. Stagnant''."-- Helios
* " ''We are Daedalus. We are Icarus. The barriers between us have fallen and we have become our own shadows. We can be more if  we join...with you''"-- Helios
* " ''You will be who you will be. We are our choices. We can choose to lead humanity away from this...darkness''"-- Helios
* " ''The safety interlocks for the power generator have been disengaged''."--Helios to Bob Page
* " ''I cannot, my systems are not inerfaced with the generator technology."--''Helios to Bob Page

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*Artificial Intelligence

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== Summary ==
UNATCO HQ as seen from outside.
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== Summary ==
UNATCO HQ Lobby.  The entrance is at the far end of the room on the left.  Behind the camera and to the left are stairs which lead deeper into HQ.  A lone trooper guards the lobby and serves as receptionist, always kind and professional to those who come and go.
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UNATCO HQ Level 2.  A lot to see here.  The main room is Manderley's office in the center of the image, towards the bottom.  Up and to the left is the conference room; past that up and to the left both are the break areas.  To the right of the conference room we see the Level 2 hallway and barely into JC's office.  You can also see the first level landing overlooking the door to Manderley's office.  The rooms seen at the bottom on the left and right are actually on level 3.
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UNATCO HQ Level 2 break room, kitchen and vending area.  This is where the player will most likely first meet Anna Navarre and maybe even Gunther Hermann if the player didn't rescue Gunther; in fact the conversation depends on how the rescue played out (or didn't).  Anna is always hard on JC here, but Gunther will defend JC if JC broke him out ''and'' armed him (even if it's just with a knife).  Tongue-in-cheek subplots like the vending machine conspiracy are one of many things which give Deus Ex its third dimension and keeps us coming back again and again.
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UNATCO Quartermaster Sam Carter in his armory.  Carter's family was murdered by the NSF in retaliation for his services to his country as a general.  Carter is a war hero and a childhood hero of JC's.  When he talks, JC listens, and Carter scolding him for excessive force is possibly the catalyst which gets JC thinking about his true loyalties.  The player cannot get in the armory without cheating, but it is always loaded with goodies.  The last time you see the armory, however, Carter lets you in, but the inventory changes with each visit, and you still get everything if you raided it the times before.
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UNATCO Chief Joseph Manderley.  Login jmanderley, password knight_killer.
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