Hei Zhen Zhu

The '''''Hei Zhen Zhu''''' (Chinese: 黑珍珠, meaning "Black Pearl") is a mostly automated container/cargo ship used by Belltower Associates in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.  Its primary function is to transport illegally acquired test subjects to Rifleman Bank Station. While escaping Belltower dock, and, in an attempt to track down Megan Reed's last known location, Adam Jensen boards the ship by stowing away in a stasis pod inside a cargo container.  After a presumably uneventful rest, he awakens in a Omega Ranch|warehouse somewhere in Singapore.

If the DLC, ''The Missing Link'', is installed, a brief campaign - what really happened after Jensen fell asleep in his stasis pod - is playable, in which he explores the Hei Zhen Zhu and Rifleman Bank Station, a Belltower Associates-controlled seaport where the ship eventually docks.
*The name Hei Zhen Zhu, or "Black Pearl" in Chinese, is quite possibly a reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean films, in which the character Jack Sparrow commands a ship also called the Black Pearl.

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