Healing Thyself - Health Perservation Implants

Excerpt from an article by Hugh Darrow in The American Cybernetics Gazette, Summer 2014 Edition.

Your car leaves the road on an icy night; you're alone, too injured to call a paramedic. What will keep you alive until help can arrive? For all the augmentation systems at our disposal, there is little dedicated to the well being of a person - little in the way of emergency management for our health.

What is needed is a next generation design for an implant web - not a single device, but a networked combination operating from a durable monitor module implanted in a highly survivable body zone as the master. Multiple distributed wireless probes in all major organs giving contantly updated bio-data, linked to secondary units located at key nerve or bloodstream vectors - in the heart, perhaps, the adrenal and lymphatic nodes - and a level of autonomous response that could keep a person alive even without the intervention of the implantee.

This is not just a concept for military or extreme conditions usage - we can also expand it to a limited healing regimen for any man, perhaps via distributed protein therapy or other methods.
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