Guardian Angel

{{DX3 achievement
 |name     = Guardian Angel
 |summary  = You paid poor Jaya's debt in full. How very... humane... of Adam Jensen|you. 
 |points   = 10
 |location = Hengsha
 |image    = Dxhr achievement Guardian Angel.jpg

'''Guardian Angel''' is a secret Achievements and Trophies (DX3)|achievement in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be acquired in the Bar Tab mission on your first visit to Hengsha, from Bobby Bao at The Hive.

It is acquired by talking to Jaya and offering to settle her debt. Upon returning to Bobby Bao, you can offer to pay 5000 credits to cover her debt forever, and you will complete the mission as well as receive the achievement.


*After the mission is complete, the credits you just paid Bobby Bao with can be looted from his person if he is knocked out or killed.
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