Gordon Quick

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|image = File:GordonQuick.jpg|192px
|name = Gordon Quick
||national = Chinese
|gender = Male
|weapons = *Assault Shotgun
|augment = None
|appear = Deus Ex
|notable = 
|affiliation = *Luminous Path
|friends = *Tracer Tong
*Max Chen
|voice = Rick Spiegel||rank = Dragon Head (Luminious Path Triad)}}

'''Hung Kwan Gordon Quick''' is the Luminous Path|Luminous Path Triad's Dragon Head in 2052. He can be found personally guarding the entrance to the Luminous Path's compound. He is voiced by Rick Spiegel.


{{Quote|Gordon Quick is a thoughtful, spiritual man. Not traits that are usually associated with a gangland kingpin, but they've always done things differently in the Hong Kong|East. As "Dragon Head" of the Luminous Path|Luminous Path Triad, he takes a hands-on approach. He can usually be found standing at the door of the Triad's compound, taking reports and directing street-level operations. He tries to run his business as cleanly as possible, but he's capable of utter ruthlessness when the situation warrants.
Tracer Tong has been a guest of the Luminous Path for some time. Because of his great regard for the Confucian tradition of filial piety, Quick does not try to pressure or exploit his resident genius. So far, Quick's respect and forbearance towards Tong have been rewarded in a thousand ways.
|description of Gordon Quick to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}Not much is known about him except that he and his triad provide safe harbor and an operating base for Tracer Tong. He tells JC Denton aboutMaggie Chow| Maggie Chow's manipulation of the Triads and how to stop her (by proving to Max Chen that it was she who murdered the Red Arrow's former leader and tricked them both into a triad war). A sub-plot removed from the final release of ''Deus Ex'' was Gordon's love for the Lin-May Chen|daughter of Max Chen. While cut, it is still referenced to in his diary, in the Luminous Path compound.

==Interactions with the player character==

When you first enter the Wan Chai Market you will see Gordon Quick order a boy named Luis Pan to pester the news stand vendor and tries to get her to pay the Luminous Path a regular fee to keep in business.

After JC unites the triads, Quick and Max Chen invite JC for drinks at the Lucky Money. If the player talks to the men repeatedly, they will take turns to offer JC increasingly more impressive wines.

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