Gas grenade (DX)

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|name=Gas Grenade
|damage=0; Target is incapacitated immediately but suffers no damage.
|skill=Weapon_skill|Weapons: Demolition|image = Gasgrenadedx1.jpg}}

{{Quote|Upon detonation, the gas grenade releases a large amount of CS (a military-grade 'tear gas' agent) over its area of effect. CS will cause irritation to all exposed mucous membranes leading to temporary blindness and uncontrolled coughing. Like a LAM, gas grenades can be attached to any surface.|description of Gas Grenade|Deus Ex}}These '''Gas Grenades''' are throw-able weapons in ''Deus Ex''.

Used widely in 2052.

By 2072 it gets replaced by a Gas_grenade_(DX2)|newer version.
==Game item==
Enemies affected by the gas become locked in the "rubbing eyes" animation as long as the gas remains in effect. Stunned enemies can be indiscriminately shot in the head or tranquilized. Do note that enemies can recover for a short period after being hit, which might allow them to fire a few shots back or even run away from the gas cloud. This is rare, however.

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