Ford Schick

'''Ford Schick''' is a scientist and friend of Smuggler|Smuggler's who lives in Hell's Kitchen.

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|name=Ford Schick
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|notable= Friend of Smuggler, Hostage from MJ12, Worked on the Gray Death, Face from Warren Spector.
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{{Quote|''There are an awful lot of scientists and inventors out in there world, and the lucky ones work for high-powered business and live in interesting places. Ford Schick isn't lucky. He doesn't have enough common sense to know that you shouldn't hang out in Hell's Kitchen or get in black sedans driven by strangers. Next thing he knows he's making designer drugs for the cartels... using his genius in bioengineering and Nanites|nanotechnology to create fashionable, and profitable, addictions.
He's not an evil scientist. He's a laid-back kind of guy, and gives his friendship freely to anyone who hands him a cold Forty|beer on a hot afternoon. A fellow like that gets taken for a stooge by the nasties and the weirdos of the world. The good thing about Ford is that you can count on him to take care of himself... just as long as it's clear who the bad guys are.|''description of Ford Schick to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}

==Interactions with the player character==

On the player's first visit to Hell's Kitchen, if they make it into Smuggler's hideout, he will ask you to rescue Ford, who has likely been kidnapped by the government, and is being held in a secret bunker in the city sewers. This base is heavily fortified and guarded by Majestic 12 soldiers. If the player reaches him, he will reveal that a "biotech" company (MJ12) is forcing him to "knock out antibodies" (for the Gray Death). If the player can rescue him from the facility, Smuggler will give him a discount on his products, and the player can salvage equipment from the base they wouldn't normally have, like Assault Rifles and Ammunition Rockets. On the player's second visit to Hell's Kitchen, the guards will be dead and the path to Ford's laboratory will be blocked by rubble.

==Behind the scenes==
*The Ford Schick model's face was designed to look like Warren Spector's. He makes cameo appearances in many of his games.

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