File:Flash IW.jpg|thumb|259px|Flash Bomb Grenade in Deus Ex: Invisible War{{Quote|Once thrown this bomb creates a bright flash that blinds hostile targets in the area and then dies out with slowly fizzling flare. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.|description of Flash Bomb|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}

A '''flash bomb''' is a grenade that temporarily stuns organics. It is found in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.


Flash bombs are the year 2072's equivalent of flashbangs—stun grenades designed to temporarily incapacitate people via an intensely loud "bang" and blinding flash—causing disorientation, confusion and loss of coordination and balance to the targets.


Flash bombs can only be used on humans and other organic creatures; bots are immune to them. Flash bombs also cannot destroy locks like the Concussion grenade (DX2)|concussion grenade can.

Despite being a non-lethal weapon, it is not recommended for Humanist Gameplay|non-lethal game runs because it still draws attention to the player, and much like the Gas grenade (DX2)|gas grenade, cannot entirely neutralize enemies; it only stuns them for a period of time.

The flash bombs can be used to stun enemies before you shoot them or take them down by other means, or if you are trying to avoid any "collateral damage."

The SMG's secondary fire shoots flashbangs that explode on contact.

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