''For the Flamethrower in Deus Ex: Invisible War, see Flamethrower (DX2).''
{{Weapon infobox
|ammo1=Ammunition Canister
|rate=Auto, 10.0 Rounds/second
|skill=Weapon skill: Heavy|Weapons: Heavy
|mod_range=1}}{{Quote|A portable flamethrower that discards the old and highly dangerous backpack fuel delivery system in favor of Ammunition canisters of napalm. Inexperienced agents will find that a flamethrower can be difficult to maneuver, however.
|description of Flamethrower|Deus Ex}}

The '''flamethrower''' is a heavy skill weapon appearing in ''Deus Ex''.
{{Quote|The Ammunition_(DX) is double-walled to minimize accidental detonation caused by stray bullets during a firefight.|Sam Carter|UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE SC080-BLUE}}

Used in combat by various organizations in 2052.

By 2072 this flamethrower was replaced by a Flamethrower (DX2)|new model.

==Game item==
The Flamethrower is a powerful weapon as it instantly sets enemies on fire. Enemies on fire continuously take damage and run around helplessly. A single ignite on Untrained is enough to kill just about anything in the game except for very HP heavy enemies like Men in Black who require either two ignites or Advanced Heavy Weapons skill.

Unfortunately, while the flamethrower is very effective against some enemies, it's next to useless against others. It does next to no damage to robots and half damage to MJ-12 Commando|commandos. Furthermore, commandos cannot be set on fire, which means you would need one full canister of fuel and Advanced heavy weapons skill to kill just one commando.

It can be found very early in the game hovewer - one of the NSF soldiers in tunnels under Castle Clinton wields it - and until commandos start to appear it will be extremely effective.

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