Flamethrower (DX2)

{{Quote|Spews liquid fire. In alt-fire mode, it ejects a napalm glob that adheres to a surface and burns brightly for awhile.|description of Flamethrower|Deus Ex: Invisible War}} File:Flamethrower IW.jpg|thumb|439px|Flamethrower in Deus Ex: Invisible WarThe '''Flamethrower''' is a weapon that projects burning napalm, instead of traditional bullets or explosives. In ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', flamethrowers have an alt-fire option, which shoots a ball of napalm that is more likely to ignite enemies, at the cost of more ammo. Flamethrowers in ''Invisible War'' are arguably more useful than the ones in ''Deus Ex''; the secondary fire makes it easier to ignite enemies, which in turn disarms them and kills them over time. ''Invisible War ''also uses smaller maps with more items laying around, increasing the flamethrowers effectiveness. The flamethrower's primary fire is best used in enclosed spaces, preferably near flammable materials like wood or furniture, as this maximizes the chances of igniting an enemy. When using it, the player must be careful to avoid ignited objects and bodies, and of the flames themselves, which can bounce off of walls and floors. They must also be conservative with the flamethrower, as it can eat through ammo very quickly no matter what.
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