F-29 S.C.R. Spetsnaz

|name=F-29 Sanction Combat Rifle Spetsnaz
|image=CombatRifle Spetsnaz.png
|manufacturer=Steiner-Bisley GmbH
|category=Combat Rifle
|ammo=Ammunition (DX3) Rifle Ammo|.303
1x Weapon_mods_(DX3)
1x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Targeting System|Laser Sight
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Output
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Speed Upgrade|Reload Speed
2x Weapon_mods_(DX3) Capacity Upgrade|Ammo Capacity }} The '''F-29 S.C.R. Spetsnaz''' is a Deus Ex: The Fall weapons|weapon in ''Deus Ex: The Fall''. ==Background== The F-29 S.C.R. Spetsnaz is a customized version of BT F-28 Sanction Combat Rifle|F-28 S.C.R. Spetsnaz forces prefer to make manual customizations to their weapons, which, while making for a slipshod appearance, improves the base functionality of the arm. This model sports a modified firing chamber and improved barrel, resulting in higher bullet velocity, stopping power and accruacy, at a small cost of increased recoil and capped firing rate. A slightly smaller magazine (fitted to make space for other improvements) has been countered by an upgraded reload mechanism. ==Characteristics== ==Gallery== {{DXTF weapons}} Category:Weapons Category:Weapons in Deus Ex: The Fall