Extraction (2)

Chapter 5 - Ghosts and Proxy Soldiers
Inexplicably denied access to the augmented terrorist's corpse, Sarif sent Jensen to steal the dead man's neural hub from the morgue. At the same time Frank Pritchard, Sarif's Chief of Cyber-security, tried to figure out how the Aug had bypassed the company's firewall so easily. The hub Jensen steals provides his first clue: turns out, a very talented hacker had been controlling the terrorist's actions remotely, possibly from somewhere in Detroit...
{{Mission infobox |name=Extraction |next=The Transmission |previous=Stopping the Transmission |location=Detroit }}M8 - '''Extraction''' is a mission in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. ==Primary objectives== ===Go to the helipad in Derelict Row=== Meet Malik at the helipad beside the antenna control panel. Note that she will take Jensen directly to the next mission from here. Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution main missions Category:Walkthroughs
What is the name of this mission? It is rather unusual for the devs named two missions with the same name, someone can check and better, provide a proof? User:Itachou|Itachou User talk:Itachou|~talk~ 17:00, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

Not that anybody cares, but the name is correct. User:IvIetho5|IvIetho5 (User talk:IvIetho5|talk) 09:28, January 24, 2013 (UTC)