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{{Quote|A well-balanced sword, enhanced by plasma-electric charge that increases strike damage.|inventory description|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}

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The '''energy Blade''' is a weapon in''' '''''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

The energy blade is the most produced blade by 2072, replacing the superior non-eutactic blade (Dragon's Tooth Sword|Dragon's Tooth sword) lost after the Collapse. It is a well-balanced curved sword with a fine blade, a black hilt and handle, enhanced by plasma-electric charge to increase the damage of a strike. The energy blade has its own Power cell|internal power source, and doesn't need Ammunition|ammo or Energy_cell_(DX2)|power cells.

The energy blade is simply a powerful, lethal melee weapon, with about the same damage as the Baton (DX2)|Baton, so it can be a useful melee item, unlike the Crowbar. 

==Unique variant==
*Dragon's Tooth sword (DX2)|Dragon Tooth Sword

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