Electrogravitic Technology Applications

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an eBook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in pod 143 in the Alice Garden Pods.

From a technology demonstration lecture presented to the United States Air Force in August 2015 by Dr. Hugh Darrow of Darrow Industries.

Based on an immature design of Russian origin, we’ve been looking at this technology as an applicable functionality for enhanced human subsystems in the military arena. While it isn’t a substitute for an actual ‘physical’ descent system, such as a fast-rope or parafoil, the electrogravity generator is now at a level of intricacy whereby we can implant it in a human being.

The core unit - the generator module and power train - is fusion-bonded to bone at the base of the implantee’s spine, and a distributed mix of dermal sensors and monitoring fibers in the inner ear work with a built-in accelerometer to activate it in a pulse-phase mode if the implantee’s body enters a state of uncontrolled fall for more than a couple of seconds. With practice, skilled operators have been able to drop from heights ranging from beyond thirty feet to upwards of one hundred feet with zero fall trauma; you can understand why we nicknamed this the “bungee” cord in R&D.

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