El Rey

{{Character Infobox
|image = File:El Rey.png|190px
|name = El Rey
||national = Spanish
|status = optional
|gender = Male
|weapons = LAM
|appear = Deus Ex
|notable = Leader of the Rooks
|affiliation = Rooks}}
'''El Rey''' is the leader of the Rooks, a gang that operates in the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge Station.


{{Quote|There's a certain kind of self-centered crackpot mentality that comes from living underground for extended periods of time. A lifestyle like that leads to things like weapon-hoarding, Forty|beer-guzzling and a don't-look-at-me-that-way paranoia about neighbors that often leads to outright voilence. (Or maybe that's just par for living in New York City|New York?)
With El Rey, jefe of the Rooks, Manhattan's ruling subway gang, JC Denton|you're okay, since you're obviously not a local, and are just passing through. It's the sunglasses that make you look particularly touristy in an old abandoned subway tunnel. That doesn't mean that he (or his soldiers) will greet you like a long lost brother, just that he might give you the benefit of the doubt with only a little empirical reassurance. Credit|Cash is always the best sort of empirical evidence. Of course, the question is: are you interested in going out of your way to prove to a punk with delusions of grandeur that you're on his side?|description of El Rey to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}

==Interactions with the player character==
El Rey is located at the west end of the upper part of Brooklyn Bridge. El Rey will offer to sell JC Denton|JC a LAM. He says that he got the LAMs from a guy at UNATCO, but actually his gang probably salvaged them from a box in the tunnels that the local junkies found. El Rey will give JC the LAM for free if the player decides to kill Rock, a drug dealer also operating in the Brooklyn Bridge Station. According to El Rey, he's been getting in the way of the Rooks' businesses. If the player knocks Rock unconscious, El Rey will send one of his men to finish him off, but he'll still give you the LAM. Alternatively the player can kill all of the male gang members, and El Rey will offer JC the LAM as a sign of peace.

==Behind the scenes==
*El Rey is Spanish for "The King".
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