EMP prox mine

{{Quote|This type of proximity mine releases an electromagnetic pulse that disables bots, cameras and turrets within its radius. Plant the mine on any flat surface, to be activated by any close range movement. In alternate firing mode, it detonates after a brief duration.|description of EMP Mine|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}'''EMP Proximity Mines''', as their name suggests, are simply EMP grenades that can be set on surfaces either to detonate when an enemy approaches, or after a short duration, dealing severe damage to bots and sapping Biomod energy from Nano-augmentation|nano-augmented people. These only appear in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', as a single grenade could also function as a mine in the first game. As there are few Biomodified humans in Invisible War, these are best used on CC-75 Security bot|CC-75s and HS-66 Hunter-Seeker bot|Hunter-Seeker bots, the only bots that can be easily coaxed into a trap, while having enough health to require an EMP weapon. EMP grenades are much easier to use, and found much more often, so these may not be worth a players valuable inventory space.

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