EMP grenade (DX)

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|skill=Weapon_skill|Weapons: Demolition}} {{Quote|The EMP grenade creates a localized pulse that will temporarily disable all electronics within its area of effect, including Security camera|cameras and Laser Tripwire|security grids.|description of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade|Deus Ex}}
This '''Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Grenade''' is a Weapon_skill|demolition skill weapon in ''Deus Ex''.

{{Quote|While Nano-augmentation|nanotech augmentations are largely unaffected by EMP, experiments have shown that it WILL cause the spontaneous dissipation of stored Bioenergy|bioelectric energy.|Jaime Reyes|UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE JR134-VIOLET}}

Used in 2052.

By 2072 it gets succeeded by a EMP grenade (DX2)|newer model EMP grenade.

==Game unit==
EMP Grenades are formally introduced by Anna Navarre at Battery Park after the player locates the Ambrosia container. Depending on the response, the player will receive either one or two grenades (Anna dislikes the "nerves of steel" comment).

The EMP grenade has a few major uses:
* It can permanently disable security Bot|robots in a patrol route, when you otherwise want to use explosives for other uses.
* It can temporarily disable the red and blue security beams.
* It can non-destructively push other AI characters away.


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