Deus Ex Invisible War endings

These are the available '''ending''' cutscenes in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', influenced by the choices of the player in Cairo and Liberty Island.

==Helios post-human civilization==
'''Requirements:''' Rescued Paul Denton, upload the Aquinas protocol to Paul and JC Denton and step into their infusion chamber
'''Cutscene:''' Alex Denton's perfected nanites is distributed to every human being on the planet, and Helios talk about the future of mankind in Liberty Island. The new peaceful world is now governed, not ruled, by a benevolent, all-knowing AI. {{Quote|It really is of importance, not only what men do, but also what manner of men they are that do it. Among the works of man... the first importance surely is man himself.|John Stuart Mill, On Liberty}} ==Illuminati total control== '''Requirements:''' Don't give your blood to Dr. Todd, killed Paul yourself and upload the Aquinas protocol to the Illuminati
'''Cutscene:''' The Aquinas control system of the Illuminati is shown and Chad Dumier with two Illuminati Elite Trooper take an elevator, also monitored in turn by an orbital science platform called "Ophelia" occuped by many Illuminati Elite Troopers. Illuminati gains control of all communications, and operates the world economy and society in secret, allowing high stability for the price of government control and ignorance. {{Quote|...the formation of knowledge and the increase of power regularly reinforce one another...|Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish}} Category:Cleanup
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== Summary ==
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