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'''Game of the Year Edition''' ('''GOTY''') is a special edition of Deus Ex (published on May 8, 2001) which makes the following changes:

* Includes the 1.112fm patch, so this does not need to be installed in order to use modifications or play multiplayer.
* Moves the Datacube in the NSF HQ basement containing the dirt on UNATCO from the top of the cabinet to the top of the machine to its left.
* Removes the unused TITAN.UTX texture file.
* Unintentionally removes the audio from the Hell's Kitchen map on your last visit.
* Changes the startup banner.
* Some versions feature an additional CD with Soundtrack and Deus Ex SDK|modding tools.

It is fully possible to convert your game from Retail to GOTY and vice-versa, or if you have one, to take certain features from the other.  If you have Retail, you could optionally swap out your NSF HQ map for the GOTY one as the Datacube placement makes more sense.  Also, a GOTY user can download TITAN.UTX and the Retail version of the 08_NYC_STREET.DX map to restore the sound.  Also, you can swap out the banner if you like.  In doing so, in a minute or so, you can upgrade your Retail game to GOTY.

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==External links==
* Retail vs. Game of the Year Edition - an article helping to convert Retail version to GOTY

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