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'''Detroit''' is the hometown and one of the cities visited by Adam Jensen in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.

During the 1950s, Detroit was one of the hearts of the United States because of the thriving automobile industry. However, at some point after its golden age and before 2007, Detroit lost many of its automobile manufacturers and fell into poverty. In 2007, looking to increase the efficiency of advanced prosthetics production and wanting to rejuvenate Detroit through the mechanical augmentation industry, David Sarif purchased and overhauled an old auto factory in Detroit and converted it into the first auto-mechanical augmentation factory, giving the city new life.

In 2027, Detroit is an economically segregated city. It is divided into two types of areas: the high-rise contemporary buildings of Sarif Industries and company, and the dilapidated tenements and abandoned buildings primarily under the control of the street gangs.

The Downtown Apartments at Brooklyn Court is home to Chase, Greg Thorpe|Greg and Josie Thorpe, Seurat, Brian Tindall, O'Malley and others. Further afield is the Chiron Building where Adam Jensen has his apartment. There is also a LIMB clinic here and a black market arms dealer in the gas station. Finally, there is the Detroit Police Station|police station, the Detroit Convention Center|convention center and Derelict Row.


*Sarif Industries|Sarif Headquarters
*Detroit Police Station
*Detroit Convention Center
*Derelict Row
*LIMB clinic|L.I.M.B. Clinic
*Detroit Downtown Apartments|Downtown Apartments
*Chiron Building
*Abandoned Gas Station
*Milwaukee Junction
*Highland Park

The following missions take place or start in the city of Detroit:

===Main missions (part 1)===
*Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic
*Investigating the Suicide Terrorist
*Stopping the Transmission
*Extraction (2)
*The Transmission
*Following the Clues in Highland Park
*Whispers of Conspiracy

===Side quests (part 1)===
*Paging Adam Jensen
*Lesser Evils
*One Good Turn Deserves Another
*Motherly Ties
*Cloak & Daggers
*Voices from the Dark

===Main Missions (Part 2)===
*Confronting Sarif
*Finding Isaias Sandoval
*Cashing in Old Favors

===Side quests (part 2)===
*Acquaintances Forgotten
*Smash the State

*Brooklyn Court is likely the first section the player will encounter and is home to Chase, Greg Thorpe|Greg and Josie Thorpe.
*In the LIMB clinic, the player can buy Praxis kits.
*The city has several apartment complexes that can be raided for loot.
*An easter egg can be found along with side explorer experience (200xp) in the Sarif HQ by entering a vent found as you head out to the heli pad. The vent leads to a downwards ladder, and on the middle platform is a stuffed lion doll hidden behind a box.
*During either visit to Detroit, players can find a sniper rifle, some ammo and a Pocket Secretary|pocket secretary in a vent on the roof of the gas station where Grayson operates. The secretary reads that the recipient fire on the space between the police and the protesters to start a riot.
*On the second visit, a "prophet" on the basketball court predicts somewhat cryptically the plot of the first Deus Ex: "There is a sickness coming ... grey and deadly" (The Grey Death) "It will come on the backs of the twelve kings (Majestic Twelve), and we will bow to them."
*During the second visit to Detroit, the riot actually happens while the player is exploring. If the player has acquired the Augmentation|jumping augmentation, they can reach a point where they can see over the large gate blocking the rioting area. There is actually about 30 police officers directly in front of the gate shooting behind riot shields while many hundred rioters cause destruction behind while fire rages. Behind the rioters there are also large machines intended to stop the rioters and more officers defending people. This is surprising considering the player isn't even supposed to see behind the gate, and Eidos' attention to detail is evident.

==Developer quotes==
{{quote|The interesting thing about Detroit is that it looks quite a bit like contemporary Detroit; this is really all about anticipating what the world will be in 2027. We've designed stuff like objects which recharge electrical cars - we've invented them, and looked at where billboard technologies are going. So it's a lot like today's Detroit, with those added layers grafted over it. Plus there are those interesting and very modern-looking buildings. It's sad for Detroit, because it was one of the hearts of America for quite a while because of the automobile industry. It's not really happening anymore - all those factories are abandoned. The idea is that with Sarif Industries, the company that Adam Jensen works for, David Sarif wanted to rejuvenate Detroit through the cybernetic industry. Just like the car industry did in the 20th century. That's why, in the game, you actually go to visit those manufacturing plants. Sarif bought those abandoned car plants and renovated them for super hi-tech cybernetics. He's sending a message to the city and the world: "I'm from Detroit, I love this city, I'm giving it a new breath."|Jonathan Jacques-Belletête| Eurogamer}}

== Gallery ==

DX3 Detroit city skyline.jpg
DX3 modern building.jpg
Detroit overhead rail.jpg|An overhead rail line
Detroit riot trailer.jpg|Anti-augmentation riots
Detroit from apartment.jpg|Detroit concept art
Il_Metamorfoso.jpg|The Il Metamorfoso


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The Heng Sha skyline, as seen in the Deus Ex: Human Revolution E3 trailer|E3 2010 trailer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
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