Dermal Modification Processes

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an eBook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It is in Isaias Sandoval's sewer office in Detroit.

Darrow Industries development study, 2019.

The approach that Tai Yong Medical, Isolay and all the others are using is crude and unsophisticated; what we're discussing here is a method by which the skin of a human being can be altered to resemble organic body armor - that's not to say like the hide of a rhinoceros, despite whatever the advertising campaigns might say.

The process is simple in logistical terms, although to the implantee it's lengthy and I would warrant quite painful; but in the end, no more demanding than the work of a cosmetic surgeon upon a vain patient craving good looks. A mesh of thin layered material is implanted directly below the epidermis; the 'armor' per se is covered in a g-loop coating that bonds directly to tissue without rejection, and once the skin is allowed to heal, it becomes a seamless part of the body. Under point of impact, the implantee's skin will still break and suffer bleeding/lesions, but the new armor layer beneath - a sandwich of carbon nanotubes floating in a shear-thickening gel - will absorb most of the impact. Preventing, as it were, all but the most terminal penetration trauma.
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