File:Denfertrochereau.jpg|thumb|The Entree des Catacombes, with the abandoned skyrise in the background.
The '''Denfert-Rochereau''' square is a street in Paris, and a location visited in Deus Ex. Jock brings the player here after meeting with Stanton Dowd in his Lower East Side Cemetery|Family Crypt. Majestic 12|MJ12 has a strong enough presence to operate openly in Europe; a curfew is in effect; both MJ-12 Commando|Commandos and  Page Delta-2 Peacebringer|Military bots can be seen patrolling the streets, looking out for anyone outside at night. It is the first area visited in Paris. It's modeled (although not closely resembling, except the Catacombs entrance) after the real Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris.
==Locations== * '''Abandoned Skyrise''' - A building that was being renovated in the 2040s. During an economic recession in Timeline, the entire construction team was laid off due to financial troubles, and the job remains unfinished 6 years later. The elevator shaft has partially collapsed over the years, but a locked maintenance elevator is still working. The building is solely populated by a bum, her several cats, and 4 Greasels in the sewers. It is unknown what the building was meant for, but highly radioactive materials and a Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair bot|Repair bot are stored behind a locked shutter. * '''Building #14''' - An office building that is closed early from the curfew. Icarus tries to contact the player through a telephone in one of the offices. Several supply crates and a Repair bot are locked in a bunker under the building. * '''Entree des Catacombes''' - Houses a spiral staircase leading to the Paris Catacombs. Currently boarded up for an MJ12 attack on the Silhouette Headquarters. This entrance is modeled on the real world Denfert-Rochereau entrance to the real-world catacombs. In real Paris, this is the only entrance to the only part of the Catacombs that are officially opened to the public. * '''Métropolitain''' - The Denfert-Rochereau station of the Parisian metro and RER. Currently shut down by MJ12 Trooper|MJ12, though Defoe still sells his wares in the station. Category:Deus Ex locations