Cyberboost Proenergy Jar

'''Cyberboost Proenergy Jar''' is a consumable item in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution.''

Cyberboost Proenergy is an artificial food energy source, packed with proteins and carbohydrates.

==Game item==
When Cyberboost Proenergy Jars are consumed from the inventory, the player will replenish 3 full energy cells at once, allowing them to use Augmentations (DX3)|Augmentations or perform Take downs. Cyberboost Proenergy Bars recharge one energy cell each, and Cyberboost Proenergy Packs recharge two. Compared to the bar and pack, the jar offers the poorest inventory space to energy replenishment ratio: the jar does not stack, so you get three energy cell recharges in four inventory slots.

The item is available for purchase at LIMB clinic|LIMB Clinics but can also be found in a few places

*In Detroit, in the backroom of the LIMB clinic (the one with the computer), behind some equipment.
*Highland Park - F.E.M.A. Facility: In the recreation area near the very end of the mission.
*Tai Yong Medical: Behind a Weak Wall near the data core area.
*Tai Yong Medical: On a shelf in the Hangar area.
*Inside a locker in Picus TV sub-basement boss room.
*On a Belltower operative during the VTOL crash mission in Hengsha.
*In the Belltower dock|Hengsha Seaport office, in a container located in the recreation area.
*On a Panchaea Tower Section kitchen floor.
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