Containment Shield

File:Containment shield.jpg|thumb|343px|The schematics for a containment shield. Note the resemblance between this diagram and the UC chamber below the Hong Kong Versalife building.
A '''Containment Shield''' is a vital piece of machinery used in every Universal Constructor. It is unknown exactly what they do, but its name suggests that they most likely protect users from excessive radiation, a side effect from splitting atoms (UC's do this to create materials). X-51, a group of former Area 51 scientists living in Vandenberg, require a shield to finish their Constructor. Gary Savage sends his daughter, Tiffany Savage to the MJ12 Ocean Lab to find one of these, but she is captured and held hostage at the Abandoned Gas Station. JC Denton|JC may or may not save her, but regardless he will travel to the Ocean Lab in search of the schematics. After he returns the schematics to X-51, they are able to finish their universal constructor and cure the Gray Death.