'''Connaught''' (stylized Conn'''aug'''ht) is a weapons manufacturer based in Hong File:Connaught.jpg|thumbKong. The company only appears in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. Their only known products are the P.E.P.S.|Pulsed Energy Projection System (P.E.P.S.), a less-lethal energy weapon that fires plasma instead of solid materials, and the Hi-NRG Plasma Lance, a directed-energy weapon that fire superheated plasma down and ionized path toward its target.

Their name may be derived from one of several locations using it; like Connaught Road or Connaught Place in Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China|China; Connaught Building or Connaught Armoury in Alberta and Edmonton, Canada; or Connaught Place, a business centre in New Dehli, India.
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