Concussion grenade (DX3)

'''File:Dx3concussionnade.png|thumbConcussion grenades''' are a weapon inĀ ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. Unlike their Concussion grenade (DX2)|equivalents in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', which provided lethal damage to organic targets and inorganic ones alike, concussion grenades in ''Human Revolution'' serve a different purpose. They now closely resemble stun grenades, weapons used to incapacitate people without killing them through loud noises and bright light. They can be used to great effect in non-lethal runs, but they are not stealthy, as the noise and light the grenade emits can be easily detected by enemies. As with all other grenades, the player must be careful not to catch themselves in the blast radius.

==In-game Description==
Shok-Tac Version V Concussion Grenade

Use: Stun enemies for a few seconds.

Warning!: The Augmentations (DX3)|flash suppressant augmentation upgrade may be used to negate the effects of concussion grenades.

Description: The Shok-Tac Concussion Grenade is a non-fragmenting, hand-thrown munition that uses explosive overpressure to damage and disorient targets at close range. The Version V combines the common function of a concussion grenade with the noise/flash capability of a diversionary device (or 'flashbang') for a 'one-two-three punch'. It is most effective against organic targets at close quarters in a confined environment, but has zero effect on robots.

Upgrades: The Shok-Tac Version V cannot be upgraded, but is configured for modular use. Combining it with the Mine Template|Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine Template will turn the grenade into a highly effective concussion mine.

Manufacturer: Kaiga Incorporated|Kaiga Systems Ltd.

Concussion Grenade Capture 1.JPG|From the Deus Ex Artbook

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