Composite Study 07121969 -- FINAL TEST RESULTS

'''Composite Study 07121969 -- FINAL TEST RESULTS''' is an ebook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in office 32 in the Sarif Industries headquarters.

==Composite Study 07121969 -- FINAL TEST RESULTS==

BIO-MATRIX COMPOSITE 1 was created using the R7 biochip design (which in turn uses the PEDOT-cluster array originally deveolped by Darrow Industries.)

BIO-MATRIX COMPOSITE 2 was created using the X1 biochip design (which uses the PEDOT-cluster array developed by Megan Reed|M. Reed et al, and incorporates the mutagenic chemical composition first revealed in her Adam Jensen|Patient X study.)

Tissue samples taken from both composites were tested every seven (7) days for rejection markers routinely associated with the onset of DDS (Darrow Deficiency Syndrome).


Within three (3) weeks of testing, COMPOSITE 1 exhibited low levels of cytotoxic-M and DDS-Y enzymes commonly associated with the onset of Rejection Syndrome. The quantity of these enzymes increased as expected, with 20cc of Neuropozyne being administered in WEEK5 to break down glial tissue buildup around the biochip cluster.

COMPOSITE 2, on the other hand, showed no sign of either enzyme appearing until WEEK 6. At this point, trace levels of c-M were detected, but DISAPPEARED in subsequent weeks. This leads me to hypothesize that the enzymes were actually a byproduct of the formation of newly extruded neural tissue, compatible with the original matrix, forming around the PEDOT-cluster.*

* Additional tests must be conducted to confirm this. Luckily, David informs me that new tissue from Patient X has become available in recent months.
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