'''File:Corporal-Collins.png|thumb|Corporal CollinsCorporal Collins '''is the first UNATCO trooper to be seen in the game. Collins has a nice friendly attitude towards the player and Paul Denton|Paul's actions (later discovered in the game). Collins wields a pistol at the start of the game, but switches to an Assault Rifle during the time he is in United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition Headquarters|UNATCO HQ.
He is first seen patrolling a dock in Liberty Island, then he is seen filling out a report on the mop up operation of the situation in Hell's Kitchen on a computer. He is seen talking to Michael Berry|Sgt. Michael Berry about the Ambrosia situation, looking at it philosophically. His whereabouts are unknown during the time JC escapes the Majestic-12|MJ12 facility, where JC was held prisoner.

He has his own office at the UNATCO HQ, which the player can loot.

If he is killed by the player at Liberty Island he will come back anyway to talk to Michael Berry after JC finishes his mission at Lebedev's airfield.
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