File:Cigs.jpg|thumb|135px|A pack of 'Stogie' brand cigarettes.
HD fan-created replacement texture'''Cigarettes''' are a consumable item in ''Deus Ex'' and ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''. ==Background== {{Quote|COUGHING NAILS -- when you've just got to have a cigarette.|Deus Ex description}} A typical cigarette is a roll of tobacco in paper with a filter. There are several brands of cigarettes available to the discerning consumer: ===2052=== * ''Stogie'' - with a pyramid on the cover. Described as ''Coughing Nails'' in the inventory. The only brand available to the player. * ''Big Top'' - with a circus tent on the cover, advertised as "The Greatest Smoke on Earth" * ''Super 45'' - same brand as the forty alcohol, advertised as the only brand recommended by the Surgeon General * ''Holy Smokes'' - advertised as ''Saviorrific!'' by a smoking Jesus. Introduced in 2025. * Royal Hellhounds - No flagrant advertising exists for this particular brand of cigarette in DX3, but it seems to be Adam Jensen's favorite brand. {{Quote|NOIR -- What's your secret? Watch your worries vanish in a puff. Tasty, reasonably priced, and may be harmful to your health.|Deus Ex: Invisible War description}} ==Game item== The cigarettes are mostly a flavor item. Using them hurts the player for 10 hit points (deducted from torso health). Using cigarettes also creates a small smoke cloud in front of the player, which creative players can use to their advantage in certain situations (e.g. having an enemy walk into it). ==Gallery== DX Big Top Smokes 1.png|Advertisements for the ''Big Top'' brand of cigarettes DX Big Top Smokes 2.png|Another advertisement for the ''Big Top'' brand of cigarettes DX Holy Smokes.png|Advertisement for the ''Holy Smokes'' brand of cigarettes DX Super 45 Smokes 1.png|Advertisement for the ''Super 45'' cigarette brand DX Super 45 Smokes 2.png|Advertisement for the ''Super 45'' brand of cigarettes {{DX1 items}} {{DX2 items}} Category:Deus Ex items Category:Deus Ex: Invisible War items