Christopher Ubair

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|name= Christopher Ubair
|national=US American
|rank=Chairman of the Cairo Arcology
|appear=''Deus Ex: Invisible War''
|affiliation=*Cairo Arcology
* Knights Templar (secretly)
|friends=*Silas Archer

'''Christopher Ubair''' is the Chairman of the Cairo Arcology, but also secretly a member of the Knights Templar.


An American businessman from Seattle, Ubair was given the chairmanship for the Arcology in Cairo. However, after gaining his post, he grew increasingly disenchanted with the world that the WTO had created, and soon he fell under the sway of the Knights Templar, who had set up a kiosk in the Arcology. The Templars convinced him that the WTO and Tarsus were corrupting the world, and so he agreed to help them in their efforts to sabotage the advance of technology. To this end, he ordered the attack on the ApostleCorp suites, arranged for evidence of a cure of Nanite swell-11 to be hidden away before it could be deployed into Old Cairo, and moved Templar sympathizers from the Standard Security Corporation|SSC into Tarsus Cairo to facilitate Silas Archer's mission to exterminate the students.

Eventually, Alex Denton caught wind of Ubair's machinations and confronted him in his office. Ubair claimed that his refusal to release the cure for NS-11 was due only to liability concerns. Denton reported his corruption to the SSC, presumably resulting in Ubair's termination.

==Interactions with the player character==

During the confrontation with Ubair, the player has the option of either getting an explanation for Ubair's behavior, blackmailing him for money, or killing him. If the player chooses to announce his intention to kill Ubair, Ubair confesses to being a Templar and warns Alex that the Templars will track him down.
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