Chinese Military Police

The '''Chinese Military Police''' enforce the laws of the People's Republic of China. They patrol the streets of Hong Kong in Deus Ex|2052, following increased public violence between the Red Arrow and Luminous Path Triads. The Chinese Military Police, unlike their American counterparts in the Soldier|military and Police (DX)|police, use heavy weapons such as Flamethrowers and Page Delta-2 Peacebringer|Armed Bots in addition to more conventional small arms such as Assault Rifles and Shotguns. In Hong Kong, military police may use non-lethal weapons such as Gas grenades. They can be found in all public areas in Hong Kong, and guard the decks of the PRCS Wall Cloud, though the surrounding perimeter is guarded by American soldiers. Maggie Chow will send the player to a police station in in the Wan Chai Market to recover the Dragon's Tooth Sword|Dragon Tooth Sword, though this is really just a distraction for Maggie to escape and set up an Majestic 12|MJ12 ambush in her apartment.
Although they normally stay neutral, the guards of the Wan Chai Market may sporadically attack the player if he ventures too close.
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