Chateau DuClare

File:Chateau.png|thumb|Chateau DuClare at night.
'''Chateau DuClare''' is the home to the DuClare family, located in Paris. It is a three floor mansion, including one
underground floor. During the events of ''Deus Ex'', it is owned by Nicolette DuClare, which came into her possession after the assassination of Beth DuClare|Beth, her mother.

The mansion has two wooden front doors. The first floor, seen upon entering the mansion, is a large hall that holds a little room with a few seats, a dining room as well as kitchen and which leads to the wine cellar.

The second floor is available through either a staircase from the first one or a secret lift in the kitchen. It has a rather big bathroom as well as Nicolette's and Beth's rooms (which has got the secret lift). Both possess a bed, table, chair and other furniture seen in bedrooms.

The underground floor starts with a wine cellar. A hidden door (part of the wall) leads to a huge passage - with various boxes, vents and items - which has Beth's secret room, Also known as a part of ECHELON III, Beth DuClare used it for contacting the Illuminati. The secret room holds a PC console with multiple screens, Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair bot|repair bot, an augmentation canister containing either Agressive Defense System or Spy Drone, and a few other items.


Entrance to catacombs.png|Entrance to Catacombs.
Entrance to the Chateau.png|Entrance to the Chateau.
Interior of the first floor - hall..png|Interior of the first floor - hall.
Nicolette's room..png|Nicolette's room.
Beth.png|Beth's room.
Dining room..png|Dining room.
Wine cellar..png|Wine cellar.
Secret Illuminati room..png|Beth's secret room.

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