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|image=File:Detective Chase.jpg|220px
||national = American
|gender = Male
|hair = Bald
|rank = Former Detective
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution
|affiliation = Detroit Police Station|Detroit City Police Department (formerly) 
|friends = Cassandra Reed
|voice = Vlasta Vrana

Detective '''Chase''' is a former police officer, appearing in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. Shortly before his retirement, he was part of the team investigating the first attack on Sarif Industries, making him an important informant in the Motherly Ties side quest.

Chase has wanted to become a police officer ever since he was a little boy, but over the years working at DCPD, he got disillusioned about the way things are done and decided to retire. Shortly before his retirement, he got assigned to the investigations about the attacks on the Headquarters of Sarif Industries. Again, he was not happy with the direction of the investigations, feeling that some things were overlooked on purpose.

After his retirement he starts working as a part-time security guard in an apartment building in Detroit and gets into contact with Cassandra Reed, telling her about his suspicions and prompting her to ask Adam Jensen for help. Afterwards, Jensen comes to Chase to ask about the potential leads in the case, and Chase points him to a storage locker behind the Detroit Police Station|Police station where the files on it are stored. If pressured using Social Enhancer, he will also give up the code for a safe inside the storage, containing final written piece of evidence and Megan Reed|Megan Reed's Quest items (DX3).

*He was originally named “Christian Charest” in the story documentation, but somehow when the final dialogues were polished just prior to the recording session, his name got changed in dialogue to “Detective Chase.” His original name was left unchanged in the ending credits, however.
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