Charlie Fann

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'''Charlie Fann''' is a Mole People|mole person that can be encountered in Deus Ex.


{{Quote|Charlie Fann is a regular guy, down on his luck. He lives in the Brooklyn Bridge subway station, which has been closed for quite a while. He's good at avoiding the notice of the police, the NSF, and anyone else who might make his life more interesting. Show him a problem and he'll fix it. If he can't tackle it himself, he'll negotiate for the solution if possible. This has made him a big man among the Mole People|mole people of New York|New York City.
You'll find Charlie to be a resonable person, if a little bitter about his current state of affairs. That's fair — he doesn't ask for much. A dry place to sleep, neighbors who don't have Gray Death... and a working bathroom. It's that last one that unfortunately hinges on a working infrastructure that no longer exists. He keeps informed about affairs that might have something to do with his people, so he's up on most things that happen in or off the deserted subway lines.|description of Carlie Fann to JC Denton|the player|Deus Ex}}

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